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When you are trying to debug with ATFC touchscreen, a COM tool could be quite useful. But if you don’t have a USB to TTL module but you do have an Arduino device, then you do have it.

All the Arduino boards have a built-in USB to TTL module. It doesn’t matter if it is original or compatible. The USB to TTL chip could be ATmega16U2 or CH340G. As long as you can communicate with your Arduino device, that could work.

The essential idea is to put Arduino chip RX/TX ports in a NOT OUTPUT situation, then the on board USB to TTL module can communicate with the target device (ATFC touchscreen).

There are two ways:

  1. Set RX/TX ports as INPUT mode:
void setup(){
    pinMode(0,INPUT); // Port 0 is the RX port on Uno and Nano
// Port 1 is the TX port on Uno and Nano
void loop(){ 

2. Set Arduino into rebooting:

Just connect the RST pin with GND.

Now you have a fully functioned USB to TTL module to use. Just one more thing:

The RX pin on board is actually the TX pin of USB to TTL chip. And the TX pin on board is actually the RX pin of USB to TTL chip. Look it out when you connect with your ATFC.






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