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Version 20210508

After severl rounds of tests, we released a new version of firmware for clarkwise touch screen.

Several bugs are fixed. Some new features will be released in the next major update.

Where to download:

Download page

How to upgrade:

Documentation – Upgrade firmware

Tutorial – Upgrade Firmware in 2 minutes

Bug fixed:

  • Video playing: Controls with automatic redraw function will be stopped if it is with in video playing area.
  • Video playing: Controls outside of the playing zone will remain to function.
  • Video playing: After playing the video, the screen will be redrawn according to the initial definition of ERS file. All the modifications from commands will be discarded.
  • Setting Color Command: All the color keywords or colors in RGB565 format will be recognized correctly.

Bug reporting:

Find a bug? Please send it through contact page.

Or if you encounter any problem, no hesitate to post your question on our suppport forum.

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We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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