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4. Load resource files

1. Load ASCII font library

Click the button on the toolbar. Choose

Choose the ASC file.

Now we choose the 22x44_Arial_Narrow.asc for example.

Successfully loaded an ASC file.

Now it shows the font library dimensions (22×44) and its size (33792 bytes).

After that, you can see the font lib in the Res List tab, with an Index 0.

Sample font library is loaded
Font library loaded
2. Load other resource files.

Similar like load ASCII font library, users just need to click the buttons on the toolbar to load differnt kinds of resources.

For the bitmap file, ATFC UI Tool to determine automatically if it is compressed, and if not, you can choose if you want to compress it.

BMP automatically compression
BMP automatically compression
3. Extracting Current Point Color

Double-click a loaded picture file, it will be shown in the preview area. Now right click on the picture point, on the right-click menu, you can see the Extract current point color function.

Right-Click menu to show Extract current point color
Right-Click menu

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