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Upgrade Firmware

To upgrade the firmware, you need to:

1. Download the latest Firmware from the download page

2. Unzip it, and rename the .bin file to atfc.bin

3. Turn off your ATFC touchscreen module. Switch it to USB mode (if you don’t know how, check the documentation).

4. Connect ATFC touchscreen module with your PC. Copy the atfc.bin to the flash drive.

5. Disconnect. Power off the ATFC touchscreen module. Switch the USB mode to production mode.

6. Power on. The module will check the firmware file. If it is a newer version, it will show the blue upgrading screen. It will take a few seconds to upgrade.

7. Power off. Switch it to USB mode, and connect to PC. Delete the atfc.bin from the flash drive.

8 It’s done!

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