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Power Saving Mode

The clarkwise ATFC touch screen has a built-in sleeping mod to lower down the power consumption. This funcion involves three levels:

  • Level 0: Normal
  • Level 1: Screen back light off
  • Level 2: Screen back light off, Touch Panel off, CPU runs in low power mode, lower down CPU frequence.

To wake up from Power Saving Mode:

  • Level 1: Touch the screen or send @LOWPOW 0\r to set the Power Saving Mode Off
  • Level 2: Send @LOWPOW 0\r to set the Power Saving Mode Off

Important notice:

For those who set the UART baud at 9600 bps (by default), the wake-up command may not work properly sometimes. Because the whole module is running in low power mode, the UART baud rate may be too low to receive and execute the command. Better to set a higher UART baud rate like 115200 bps.

Check the Advance settings to learn how to change the baud rate.

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