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Data Returned

When an action is triggered (e.g button clicked) or the MCU sends a reading command (e.g. “@GUIR\r”), the clarkwise ATFC touch screen module will send a message back to the MCU through the serial port. This is called the data returned.

Similar like the commands, the returned data has a certain format:

Message typeFormat
Integer@Control_ID Data\r
Float#Control_ID Data\r
String$Control_ID Data\r

Most controls return with only one parameter, but there are two exceptions. They are Date and Time controls. When the MCU sends the date/time reading commands, the controls return like this:

CommandReturned data
@TIMERR\r@98 16/32/22\r (Current time is 16:32:22)
@DATER\r@99 2021/4/1\r (Current date is Apr 1, 2020)
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