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Advance setting

clarkwise ATFC touch screen advance settings:

In each clarkwise ATFC touch screen module, there is a text configuration file called “TFTcfg.txt” saving at built-in storage.

This is a critical file. A lot of important settings are inside. Advanced users can change some settings with Notepad or any other text editor.

The useful settings are:

SettingExplainationDefault Value
UART_SPEEDUART baud rate (bps)9600
TFT_LONGKEY_WAITHow long if a user pressed a button to trigger “Long Key” mode. The “Long Key” is a button repeating output. (ms).
Set it to less than 800 to turn “Long Key” mode off.
TFT_LONGKEY_TIMERInterval of button repeating the output (ms)100
TFT_AUTOLOWPOWERTime out period before automatically entering Power Saving mode (ms).
Set 0-9999 to turn it off. Valid range 10000-1200000

Unlock max brightness

IMPORTANT: Any hardware modification will have you lost your warranty immediately! clarkwise.cc is NOT responsible for any damage to the clarkwise touch screen of any other devices caused by your modification.

This section requires EXPERIENCED users only. If you are not clear about what you are doing, please ignore this section.

All the clarkwise ATFC touch screens are equipped with high brightness IPS screen. For safety reasons, the brightness is hardware limited to 300 cd/m2. To unlock it to 400 300 cd/m2, replace two 2.7 ohm resistors in the 0805 package with 0-ohm resistors.

Once it is unlocked, the actual current will increase as well as the heat. Paying more attention to the power consumption and the system temperature, especially for those used in high-temperature environments. It is important to have enough power supply.

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